I started business in March of 2013 with the idea of offering pearl jewelry at very competitive prices and better service than you would get anywhere.  I wanted to bring pearls to everyone by using less expensive materials on the clasps  and instead, focusing more on the quality on the pearl.  Many pearl necklaces are so expensive because the clasp will have diamonds or gold.  So I started out using mostly sterling silver and cz's.  Since then, I have added gold, diamonds and fine jewelry to my collection.

I lived in Asia from 2008-2011 and I met  great contacts from factories in Shanghai, China.    I design many of my pieces and I also have clients that custom design their own jewelry....especially brides.  I have since started sourcing from some amazing designers here in the USA, Italy and Turkey!

The list of amazing designers grows every year as I fall in love with more and more that are just so incredibly talented and again because of my low overhead my prices have stayed competitive.

Please fell free to contact me for more information or if I can help you purchase that perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


thegirlswiththepearlearrings@gmail.com or text me at 201-468-1884

I also have FaceTime selling appointments which work out amazingly well for everyone!  To date I have not had one return from something that was purchased via FaceTime.  Hope to hear from you soon!  


Warm Regards,

Robin Morsch